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Femi Steam (Herbal Vaginal Yoni Steam)

Femi Steam (Herbal Vaginal Yoni Steam)

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Herbal Femi Steam

Vaginal Steams or V Steams are an old, respected treatment for women by Midwives and Healers.  Vaginal Steams, are used to assist in the cleansing of the Uterus to support female reproductive health.

Most common symptoms relieved by this treatment:

Dysmenorrhea (painful periods)

Fertility Issues

Dark blood at the beginning or ending of the menstrual cycle

Irregular periods

Uterine prolapse

Uterine fibroids

Ovarian cysts


Vaginal Dryness

Previous Vaginal Tears or episiotomy



* Brings moist heat to the womb and perineum

* Nourish, tone and bring in fresh oxygenated blood to this area

* Promote uterine cleansing

* Packaged in a eco-friendly recyclable rice paper pouch


How to use your Femi Steam (Yoni)

​1. Fill a medium sized pot with eight cups of purified water

2. Gently place 1/4 cup of the Femi Steam herbs in the water

3. Put the lid back on and boil the water softly for five minutes

4. Stop the heat and allow the water to marinate with the lid on for five minutes.

5. Pour out four cups of water from the pot into a separate clean bowl placed in your bathroom

6. Check to ensure that the water is not too hot by gently waving your hand eight-ten inches above the bowl.

7. Remove your underwear and proceed to sit on the seat above the steaming water.

8. Ensure that no steam escapes by draping a large blanket or cloth around your waist down to the floor.

9. If necessary, keep yourself warm by covering your neck and wearing socks or slippers on your feet as you do not want to catch a cold during this process.

10. You will begin to feel a warm, soothing heat in about 10-20 minutes.

11. If the water becomes too cool, you will need to reheat it but be sure to test again to make sure that it is not too hot.

12. Sit in place till the heat dies down and then proceed to dump the water into the toilet.


Warning! Do Not Use This Herbal Treatment During menses, uterine infections vaginal sores or blisters are present or if you have a IUD.

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